Djay to release long awaited album


Izinyoka Entertainment artist Djay’s worries are soon over after his label boss Stephen Gaeseb and producer Araffath Muhuure ironed out their differences last week.
The rapper recently finished recording his album but progress came to an abrupt stop when a misunderstanding between Stephen and Araffath arose.
"Everything has come to a stop again because of this ongoing beef between Stephen and Araffath, I don’t really know what is going on as I can’t seem to get to the bottom of it," Djay had said a fortnight ago.
The rapper spoke in length of his frustration with the label, which has not let him release an album for nearly three years.
"Stephen is a very busy man and he has a lot going on. But that should not be an excuse why my album is not coming out. I have been working hard in the studio but it looks like the office is not the same wavelength as me. There is nothing going on at the label and they don’t even know how far my studio progress is," said the rapper then.
He also revealed that the leakage of Stephen and Dillish’s sex tape disrupted things for a significant period of time, tempting him to leave the label.
"Things were going a bit well until that thing came out and I was the one affected the most because work just stopped. I couldn’t reach Stephen and my musical career was on hold for quite some time. I’m at a point in my career where I don’t really need to heavily depend on someone, so I thought about leaving," he said.  
The label is notorious for leaving artists in the cold as Jericho, Pontie and Streetkidz stories can attest.  "When I was on the label the only music I did was contribute to that compilation album we did, besides that I never really did anything," said former Izinyoka Entertainment artist Jericho during an interview.  
One member of the Streetkidz, who asked not to be mentioned, said  "Stephen was paying more attention to Dillish than the label and Dillish is one of the reasons why the rest of the guys left the label. When they broke up, I personally felt things will be better for Djay."
Last week however saw significant improvement when Djay informed this reporter that Stephen and Araffath have sorted their problems out.
"The problem has been sorted out and I was told it was just a small misunderstanding between the two men. I’m looking forward to Araffath putting the last touches on my album," said Djay last week.