Omalaeti releases Chief Riruako song

Omalaeti music has released a song commemorating the late Chief Kaima Riruako, who

passed away on 2 June. The song which features Omalaeti artists, Kamati and Tyjinaa,

celebrates Chief Riruako’s life and calls Namibians to unite in the wake of the legend’s


The song is performed mainly in Otjiherero with a very traditional melody over soothing

guitar sounds. The track, Chief Riruako, will be released online for free to the public

via Omalaeti’s website as well as Facebook.

Chief Riruako led an illustrious life as chief of the Ovaherero people, and spoke out

for well being of all Namibians regardless of their tribe and fought for compensation

crimes committed by the German colonial regime against the Namibian people.

OMG Managing Director John Walenga said, “We have released the song to celebrate

the life the great chief and we will distribute it for free through our different


The song also pays homage to the celebrated character of the late Chief Riruako who

led the contingent that went to fetch the skulls of the Hereros and Namas that were

taken many years ago.