Nangolo accuses MTC of monopoly


Awar of words has erupted between Kinda Boxing Promotions and MTC over the hosting of two major tournaments on the same day two weeks ago.
This was the first time that Namibia has hosted two major boxing tournaments on the same day.
While Kinda Nangolo believes that MTC used their influence to have the Nestor Tobias Sunshine Boxing Academy and Fitness Centre host their tournament on the same day Kinda Promotions hosted theirs, MTC’s Human Capital and Corporate Affairs Manager Tim Ekandjo has rubbished the claims.
“ It was not really wrong to host two boxing events on the same day but it was wrong to have it in the same town because this is not Johannesburg or New York or any other big city. There are some companies (MTC) who are trying to destroy other promoters just because they have the money to do so. It was not good for them to do so,” fumed Nangolo.
Kinda’s comments relates to the Namibian Boxing Federation (NBF) who sanctioned two boxing events on the same day this month, 7th June in Windhoek after his Kinda promotions held its boxing bonanza at the Windhoek Country Club on Saturday evening the same day as the MTC Nestor Tobias Boxing Sunshine and Fitness Academy who had their event during the day at the Independence Arena in Katutura.
Meanwhile, Ekandjo rubbished Nangolo’s comments saying that he didn’t see anything wrong with two boxing events being held on the same day.
“ Kindas statement is most unfortunate. MTC is simply a sponsor of the MTC Nestor Sunshine Boxing and Fitness Academy and we therefore have no influence in the dates that the academy decided to stage fights because our understanding is that this dates are agreed between the promoters and sanctioned by the boxing control board.
“ I do not recall different boxing events being staged on the same day in the past except for last weekend. The MTC academy also came out to support him, so while we are supporting him he is calling us names but we will in the spirit of the sports ignore that and continue to support him and any other academy staging fights,” said Ekandjo.
Ekandjo said the two promoters, Nangolo and Nestor Tobias agreed upon the different time in advance to have their events held on the same day.
“ The fight dates are agreed upon between different promoters months in advance and not a week before the fight, so there is no way that the MTC Sunshine Academy would deliberately pick a date that coincides with his dates because we would not know his dates are anyway,” said Ekandjo.
In an interview with The Villager Sport, NBF, secretary-general, Joe Kaperu has defended the federation’s decision of  allowing  two major boxing events to take place.
“ It is a good question you are asking but the reason why the two events took place on the same day is because both parties applied in advance to have their event held on the same day. We scrutinized both events as both parties met the requirements that is why their permissions were granted by the control board,” said Kaperu.
Kaperu thus said he could not rule out the same repeat in the near future when asked if a similar move is likely to happen again after saying that his office did not receive any complain from the two promoters.
“ It is advisable to the two promoters not to have such a repeat again. Technically we from the boxing board it is not worth it as it is the first time happening and there was nothing wrong with it. We work on first come, first serve. We have to accommodate everyone in the process”.
“One can apply a week in advance but sometime you might not have the necessary documents, so whatever satisfies us, why not. No one from the two camps came to complain at our office, meaning there was nothing wrong with it. We had to rush to the Windhoek Country immediately after the event at the Independence arena just to make sure that we carry out our duties,” said Kaperu. Anita Tjombe, spokesperson of Onkugo Promotions was surprised by the move made by the boxing board.
“ I don’t know why the boxing board allowed this type of things to happen in a small country of ours,” said Tjombe.