Whip the problem child into size

There is an old adage that say if you beat a child everyday he or she will get used to the beating and will not change, however if you beat a child once he will change because he does not want to imagine another beating.
This week we report about lack of accountability from municipalities and rural councils. The Auditor General in his interview with The Villager reveals that municipalities have since abandoned their constitutional mandate of remitting 5% to the local rural councils.
Recent audits by the AG shows that there are irregularities in the operations of municipalities ranging from poor accounting systems, heavy brain drain, poor implementation and poor financial management. This issue is not being raised for the first time and the Parliamentary portfolio committee on public accounts has also raised alarm about it.
There are also no measures in place to curb this reckless and uncontrolled spending of public funds but these local authorities continue to spend like there is no tomorrow. They continue to fail to account for the money.
The parliament has a public accounts committee that is supposed to monitor public funds and the Government has a Ministry of Regional and Local Government, Housing and Rural Development which is supposed to bring these reckless municipalities into order.
Our question this week to the Major General Charles Namoloh is; until when should we entertain these municipalities that are behaving like problem children? Are you (Major General) one day going to stamp your foot on the ground and say enough is enough we need accountability with public money?
Some municipalities are so rotten that they do not even submit vital information needed for auditing in time and whenever they do, there are heavy amounts of money that cannot be accounted for. The same municipalities are receiving a considerable chunks of public money and they do not want to account to the owners of the money.
This is an issue we all know, there is a problem with some of the municipalities but until when shall we complain of this issue without action being taken? If the AG has done his part to expose the rottenness and the unethical issues challenging these local authorities someone has to stand and say enough is enough. Please Major General just like you cleaned out the Omaruru Town Council for not adhering to certain principles you can whip these children into size. Take you whip and slog these troublesome babies into size. It is understandable that there are challenges with skills in these municipalities but that alone remains nothing but an excuse.
We need to accept the problem and find a way of dealing with it talking about it year in year out means we are condoning their mischievous behaviour. It might take long to clean the mess but better start cleaning it now than let the mess pile up into a heap that will then spread a bad odour in the house.
It is high time that these municipalities know that if you do not account for the public money then there are consequences and there are steps that can be taken to whip those who do not want to comply.