Blossom and Tequila making love yet?


There was tension between two of the leading female artists in the country after Tequila let people know just how much she did not like Blossom.
Though for a longer period Blossom limited her feud with muted sniffs, she admitted at some point that she wasn’t on talking terms with Tequila. She said Tequila felt entitled to the title of best female artist in the country.
 She said when people started to notice that she had something to offer and started to appreciate her more, Tequila became insecure.
“This is music, you cannot be on top forever. Just one of these days another female artist will go on to win Best Female and people must start to lose that feeling of entitlement,” Blossom once said.
 Another issue was how she felt Tequila reacted to how label owner Dr. Ben Mulongeni treated her. She complained that Tequila wasn’t happy with the way Tate Ben treated her, because Tequila felt she deserved to be treated better than everyone else because she was first on the label.   Not a lot has been said about the feud of late, it might be that the two ladies have since kissed and made up.