Mother beaten for losing weight


Rushing to get back into skinny jeans after giving birth earned a young mother, Rosemary Swartz  a beat down  from her boyfriend,  Freddie Cloete last week.  
According to Cloete, Swartz is so obsessed with getting back into shape that she resorted to just eating biscuits just after a week after giving birth, which led to an argument.
“She put herself under pressure to shed her baby weight. Instead of focusing on the joys of being a mother, she was concerned with how her body looked and losing weight. This is  what brought about arguments that led to a fight. I just slapped her twice after she had thrown a glass at me, “ said Cloete.
He said he started to notice that Swartz was worried with having to deal with body image pressures during her pregnancy.
“She kept complaining all the times. Where other women worry about the baby’s well being, she was worried about her weigh. She went as far as putting up photos of pregnant female celebrities on the wall,” said Cloete about the woman he cohabits with in Khomasdal.
He said the reason why Swartz is trying get back to her pre-pregnancy at  the risk of  harming their newborn baby girl is simply to reclaim her skinny jeans.
Though Swartz confirmed that she nearly laid assault charges against Cloete for slapping her, she denied being a body weight enthusiast.
“I spoke to the police as a result of anger because no man should lay his hand on a woman . I’m in no pressure to lose weight, I just have a strict diet that I follow and he has a problem with that. He has a problem with the fact that I’m very selective with what I eat. I’m not putting my baby in no danger, I love my baby,” she said.
Windhoek based Cuban physician Dr Emma Hernandez, said there is a relentless pressure on all women to be thin all the time because of showbiz.
 “A research conducted in my country a few years ago showed that mothers all over the world are preoccupied with body image because of what they see on TV. A lot of women want to be skinny and even if they just gave birth recently,” said Dr Hernandez.
She said the problem can be far reaching than just the body of the mother or their babies as, “As these negative and selfish attitudes can be passed onto their children. Mothers can pass on their anxieties and difficulties with food to their children, especially their daughters. I get this problems a lot of the times, it isn’t healthy at all,” she said.