Celebs wear no panties under their jeans

yes folks, better believe it. I have recently found out about it too. Thanks to an old friend at National Radio. From today on you will know why some of these local female celebs always look deadly when they got them jeans on. When clad in jeans, some of them are hot. They ooze so much oomph that can feed  the whole Chinese choir! OK relax, before you hug a geingob, let me just come closer to my words. I’m told the reason why some female celebs look so sexy in jeans is because there is nothing under them! If you still too lay-a-man to understand, let me break it down. Apparently, them jeans look so sexy due to the absence of undergarment. This is due to a few reasons apparently, humidity. During summer, panties apparently restrict circulation. I wish I could say constriction.  So I’m sure when you catch us staring next time, you will be more understanding.