Pohamba wants food security


President Hifikepunye Pohamba has underscored the importance of food security in the future saying Namibia needs to rely on its production and shy away from excessive imports writes The Villager News Editor, Tiri Masawi.
Pohamba who was speaking at the official launch of the Hifikepunye Pohamba Foundation said food security is close to his heart that is why he dedicated the Foundation to the agriculture sector.
The Pohamba Foundation is meant to create access to education for the bulk of Namibian children from less privileged backgrounds.
It will target the agricultural production sector in a bid to weed out hunger in the country’s poor in the future. The Pohamba Foundation received overwhelming support from the corporate world and affluent individuals during the launch at Safari Court Hotel and Conference Centre on Saturday night.
“We need to find ways of making the country food self-sustainable and move away from the constant imports. We never know this Foundation might be the opportunity that one child was waiting for to change their lives,” said Pohamba.
The Foundation will also take the bulk of the President’s time upon retirement from active politics come next year March when his political career which has span over thirty years comes to an end.
The President Pohamba Foundation will be chaired by Dr Kalumbi Shangula and will have two trustees and also be monitored by an independent auditing firm to ensure transparency.
Pohamba also added that it was a prerogative of every Namibian to make a significant contribution to the development of the country’s economy and social development.
“The orphans and vulnerable children amongst us are unable to fulfil their potential because of lack of resources. Many of them are unable to realise their goals because they do not have access to appropriate information that is instrumental to unlock their potential. I believe that the talents of our young people should not go to waste. In this regard, citizens especially those in a position to do so should meet the Government half way in its effort to overcome the challenges facing our nation.”
Speaking at the same function Founding President Sam Nujoma who is also a geologist by own right emphasised that there is need for the country to invest in the education system and make the country a scientific hub with ability to drive its economy. Taking a cue from how the British have educated their citizens Dr Nuyoma said Namibia was privileged with natural resources adding that those should be exploited for the betterment of the country.
“We should make sure that every Namibia child goes to kindergarten, primary school and eventually secondary school. This will give them a brighter future and also contribute significantly to the economy. We have potential to do better than the British because we have more than what they have in terms of size and resources,” he said.
Dr. Nujoma who is a proponent of education for all, urged the corporate world to support the Pohamba Foundation initiative in the future through financing. The Founding Father believes education is the way to cutting down on poverty and inequality.