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Even men wanna be Boss Madam

Mon, 9 June 2014 01:34


Hit songs come and go, but Sally’s Boss Madam is one of the few hit songs that will linger around for some time to come. The song is so hot that some men have no problem calling themselves “Boss Madam”.
I have seen people like Emil of NBC and Wendelinus singing and calling themselves ‘Boss Madam’.  
I hear that Sally just  recently just wrapped up work on what is to be her second official studio album, but my fear is that she has created a monster too big it is gonna haunt her for the rest of her life.
The monster, ‘Boss Madam’, has set the standards high and Sally is now faced with the danger of having her next work overshadowed by her past work.
 But her bedwarmer  husband and the man responsible for a lot in both her professional and private life, Dj Kboz  is confident of having cooked up a hot follow up to Sally’s ground breaking debut album.
Most part of last year and this year has been comprised of late night work in the s    tudio and going to bed late and exhausted. No to say the couple did not engage in bonking marital bedroom relations, but they were just careful as a pregnancy might hinder what they have planned for Sally this year soon as the album drops.