Young geniuses thrive at School Science Fair

The Amazing Kids Private School and Academy held its Science Fair on Wednesday last week in preparation for the upcoming regional competition. Students from as low as the first grade spent months working on their projects and brought them to be displayed and judged.
Lazarus Hishekwa (14), a Grade eight student created a fully functioning ‘green building’, which is structure that uses efficient, sustainable and alternative energy.
“I created the model in January last year. It’s a model of a building that is to promote green buildings because the process of constructing them is eco-friendly as they use hydro electricity and wind power. It is off the power grid of the city and therefore not contributing to global warming,” said Hishekwa.
He explained that he chose this idea because it is about saving the future, and allowing children of tomorrow to enjoy the benefits provided by the environment that we are getting to enjoy.
Hishekwa, who hopes to attain a career in aviation but is passionate about nature further said that after doing his own research, he found that although initially more expensive to set up than normal construct buildings, they have longer lasting benefits.
“I called the City of Windhoek offices and found out that the city charges 16.25% per voltage. That means for most buildings, the electricity bill stands at 34 000 for 225 voltages per year. A green building would cost 34 million for three storeys but the photovoltaic solar panels would have paid themselves off within 10 in saving costs. They also have a 25 year life span and are easy to replace,” Hishekwa elucidate.
Meanwhile, brother and sister Berhane Wheeler (9) and Ndamona Wheeler (6) also took part in the Science Fair. Berhane who was responsible for creating his own computer game showcased it at the school Science Fair. The game which he calls, The Super Quest, is an educational game incorporating subjects such as Mathematics and Social Studies. “I spend more time making games then I do enjoying them, and I actually enjoy that more. I decided on making an educational game so that it will help children do well in their studies and have fun at the same time.” His sister Ndamona built a miniature volcano that uses a mixture of chemicals to created a replica of a volcano eruption.
The Science Fair co-ordinator, Ivone Hansen explained that preparations began in January when a call was made to interested parties to sign up for the science club.
“Eventually, only those that are really interested will stay on. We told them what sorts of projects are appropriate for the upcoming Regional Science Fair. Their parents are quite helpful but the children went and did their own research for their projects because we didn’t want them to be spoon fed,” said Hansen. She added, “Even Grade One students are doing work far ahead of their ages and this will only benefit them. Even Lazarus Jacobs was a former Science Fair champion,” he said.
The Regional Science Fair kicks off on 17-19 June at the SKW stadium in Windhoek.