A black man can never be a racist

What is racism? A lot of us tend to think that racism is exactly how it is described in the dictionary, but in reality racism only has one face.
 In the beginning racism was never really about colour and it’s bigger than just name calling, it was designed by a certain group of people to look down on the other in order to feel good about themselves.
 Simply put, racism  things that white people do that affects people of colour, and it’s not a coincidence that among people of colour, racism affects black people more.
Racism has a white face that has helped spread white supremacy which taught people of colour to worship the white colour. It used anything possible, including straight hair and white Jesus in its marketing of white supremacy.
Racism has a white evil face, and it would be stupid and ignorant for black people to even kid ourselves that racism also affects white people.
It is racism that teaches that light skinned people are better than dark skinned people, this teaching has manifested itself in the black communities all over the world. White supremacy has taught light skinned black people to mistreat fellow blacks with a darker skin complexion.
The truth is, a black man, or any person of colour for that matter, can never be a racist especially when dealing with white people. Racism was designed to empower and uplift the white man, that’s why there is no word in the dictionary designed by a white man that a black man can say to a white man to make him feel inferior about his skin. But there are thousands of words  for a white man, created by a white man, to make the black man inferior.  The biggest racist word in the history was designed for black people and everything that starts with black in the dictionary, accept one word, is negative. It was black people who were lynched from trees and continue to suffer because of the colour of their skin.
It’s simple, in order for a black man to be considered intelligent he has to be fluent in the white man’s language, live the white’s way of life. It’s impossible for a black man to be a racist, racists people are people who control other people’s land, resources, information and technology.
In order to dehumanise another people and feel good about themselves, white people had to be marketed as the best race.  
White supremacy is so well marketed that a black police officer would rather help a white culprit at the expense of a black victim. In the music business, if white artists want to be seen as tough, they surround  themselves with black faces, but if they want to be seen as intelligent, they stay as far away from black faces as possible. The dominant philosophy of our times is that world superpowers depend on certain groups being kept at the bottom.