Couple steals goat

A couple appeared in the Oshakati Magistrate court on Monday on charges of stock theft CR 172/06/14.
The couple who appeared before Magistrate Mikka Namweya were both granted bail of N$600 each for stealing their employer’s goat.
Vsitolina Hishiko and her husband Andreas Mathew Shaambo were arrested last week after their employer Isaak Helishi accused them of stealing his goat at his home in Ipumbu in Oshakati where they were employed as caretakers of the homestead.
According Hishiko, their employer lives away from home due to work commitments and  has tasked them with looking after the animals, Mahangu field and the house, but has problems paying them.
 “We lived at the house since January but after working for two months we realised that our employer had a problem paying us our agreed salaries. We enquired about our salaries and he just ignored us.  We continued however working despite being unhappy,” said Hishiko.
 “My husband ran into the homestead to ward off the animals and he used stones and sticks with one of them hitting a small goat hard and it died. We informed the neighbours about the incident,” added Hishiko.
“Two days after we arrived in Ondangwa Tate Helishi came to our place with police officers and demanded that we return to his home so that he can assess if all was in order. We got into his vehicle but when we arrived in Oshakati we realized that he had driven us to the police station, and we were told that have been charged with theft of the goat,” adds Hishiko.