The power of knowledge

Information has the power to change our lives. It can increase the quality of human experience, create new environments to realize our dreams and help us to get beyond problems that trouble our world.
And just like in Sports, information is very important because it keeps the readers informed about what’s happening around their communities, or about their team. Sports news brings a person closer to the actual event.
I don’t know whether in Namibia we really feel the same way. If you want to know what I am talking about try finding the right Namibian Premier League (NPL) log. For weeks I have always thought Eleven Arrows were bottom of the log and to my surprise it is actually Rundu Chiefs who have been stuck there. If you search on various sports websites you will get different NPL logs.  
I blame the NPL itself because trying to find the NPL website is like trying to find a coin thrown in the desert. NPL hardly has a platform where it displays information for the local premier league. They hardly send the log to publications.
Then there is the issue of clubs who do not update on what their teams are up to. A quick visit on some NPL’s clubs website reveals that updating news is not important. On Arrow’s website the breaking news is of that March 30 2014 which states… Ten man Arrows lose 2-1 against Black Africa.
Arrows seem to be pleased to have latest international sport news rather than local news. As to whether there is no local news or they are just happy with international news it’s just another thing.
Although also not up to scratch at Sport Klub Windhoek (SKW)’s website you will at least find some latest local news about their team and also some upcoming events. SKW is a first division side. NPL teams can learn a thing or two from them.
On Black Africa’s website it’s probably one if not the best website for a team plying its trade in the NPL. Its website is catchy, lively and it even have profiles for their players but it too in terms of updates it’s also disappointing. The last news uploaded was on the 06th May 2014. The log on its website is also stating that Rundu Chiefs are on 16 points rather than 15.
BA has tried to update its fans by using stories related on their club which were written by other publications and they keep it safe by crediting the publication or the writer. I personally believe they are trying as hard as they can but it’s still not enough.
Other NPL clubs seems like they don’t have websites as no matter how much time you dedicate on looking for their websites it’s hardly that you will find them. To NPL, they mustn’t make life difficult for people to find information about their league and to the clubs they must assist NPL by publishing information on their websites. Some clubs don’t even announce that they have parted ways with their coach which could also be dangerous as some people might even take advantage and negotiate deals with a coach who is no longer with the club.