Not all breeders are parents

Last week Sunday we celebrated Mother’s Day and on that same day a woman lost her child in Pick n Pay Wernhill. Can you imagine? What kind of mother loses her child in a God damn shop?
I was really pissed off about that because I do not understand how some people can be allowed to breed senselessly and then continue to neglect their children. The PnP staff kept repeating “someone lost a little boy, please come get him” for over half an hour. Half an hour? You didn’t notice your child’s absence for over half an hour? People in this world are just as twisted as they are in movies you know? They will steal your child and you will never see it again.
Now on this day where we are supposed to celebrate mothers you hear about this woman who lost her child in a crowd of people in a shop and has not noticed that the child is gone. She should have been the one asking people in the shop to trace her child and not having the staff call her to come take her baby boy.
If they ask me, I would profile her as a single mother, not older than 30 years old and unemployed. Sometimes you just wonder really.
Let me define this for you, a parent is a caretaker of the offspring in their own species. Is that what you are doing? Careering for your off spring?
Women walking along busy public roads and they do not even bother to hold their children’s hands. A child can see a shiny object and run into the street, and get hurt but these mothers don’t seem to care.
They are the same mothers who go to shabeens with children then start fights and the next day news headlines would read, “toddler killed in bar fight”. You would ask yourself how a child ended up in a fight at some bar.
You can only describe these kind of crimes as recklessness, and these things happen too often in our neighbourhoods. First of all, a woman should not be raising a child alone, because she did not make a child by herself. Youths also need to get their breeding under control because your mother cannot take care of your child forever. Today youth has this habit of breeding and leaving children with the old people. You will end up as that woman who loses her child in shops more than five times a year.
I should have gone to the information desk at PnP to find out if they finally found that mother. I would have given her an a**spanking. I will say it again, not everyone should be allowed to breed because not everyone is responsible enough to take care of little brats.
Epangelo nali talepo nawa opo!