DonÔÇÖt pile up the kilos this winter

Soon winter will be unbearable for us and yours truly loves to be under blankets when it’s extremely cold. I resort to eating a lot (comfort foods). This winter I’ve decided to turn a new leaf and when summer hits; I’ll still be in shape.
On cold days and nights many of us (especially women) lean towards munching away on warm comfort foods but honestly speaking, most comfort foods are bad for you; they are bad for losing weight and your overall health.
I therefore urge you to stock up on healthy foods and if you are concerned of keeping weight off and your arteries clean, you will want to avoid food this winter.

Cream-based soups

We all agree on this one, a bowl of soup on a cold winter day is nice, but keep away from cream-based chowders and bisques. They are high in salt and fat. Rather eat broth-based soups, like chicken noodle and minestrone.

Fried vegetables

I love fried potatoes especially when my Auntie Alice makes it for me but I’m definitely staying away from them this winter. They’re fattening! I would recommend a side salad; it will keep you slimmer and healthier.

Pot Pie

Yummm….nothing beats a homemade cottage pie, in fact, pot pies taste great. Unfortunately they’re carriers of fat and salt. It’s like eating a cream-based soup but this time it’s inside a pie! I’m a chicken lover and would advise you to eat chicken or turkey; roast the poultry and skip the calories.


Lasagne topped with cheese is an awesome meal especially on a winter’s night but unluckily, fat-full cheeses can add inches to your belly. A vegetable lasagne is the better option for this winter.


The fact is, bacon is just salted fat. To make matters worse, it contains cancer-causing nitrates. Get off the heart attack bus and check out vegetable sausages or turkey bacon, they aren’t as bad for you.

Hot Dogs

Just like bacon, beef hot dogs have lots of fat, salt, nitrates. Choose turkey or all natural hot dogs!

This is the hardest part for me as I love my coke…it goes down like water, but it packs on the pounds like cookies. If you want to lose weight, (be like me) and start a love affair with water, it’s the surest path to short-term weight loss (and two glasses in the morning before you eat anything is good for detoxing).
So, what comfort food will you avoid this winter?