Handle your gold digger

Are you in a relationship with a woman who is drying your wallet out? Is she spending senselessly and pushing the bill to your way even though you have nothing to do with all her spending? That means you have not learned how to tame your gold digging shopaholic lover, and it all starts here.
First of all you need to establish whether you want to keep her or leave her (we would say leave her), also you need to think way back when you first met her and analyse how you got to know her. If she was a gold digger when you met her, and you were aware of her cunning ways you will have a much harder time getting rid of her or taming her.
You need to accept that this might have been your fault, you might have been an enabler if you proposed to her with the line “I will take care of you”. That is a common mistake made by a lot of men, because I will take care of you can be misinterpreted to, “suck my bank dry”.
Here is how some women, gold diggers especially, reason: “he is the man and he should provide” also “if he wants me to remain how he found me, he would have to maintain me”. Gentleman, you should not let a woman who thinks like that sink you into debt. Just like any other woman with all her functioning senses, she deserves to wake up at 7am to go to work so she can be able to sustain herself like a normal person should.
If you try to talk to her but at the end of the day she still comes home with a N$2 000 dress, then its time you use the most drastic of measures. You can declare yourself bankrupt, stop giving her your credit cards and tell her that you no longer have money to sustain yourself or her, then move back in with your mother for a couple of weeks.
You can also start making her pay for her own bill. When you go out, tell her that you are not carrying money on you and that she should pay for the bill, see how she handles that.
Sell her things for petrol money. Really you need to put your foot down one day and go as far as that. One day she should come how and find all her expensive jewellery and dresses gone. That will teach her something, she is basically stealing from you so its time you steal back.
If push comes to shove, then its time you pull the biggest card: act crazy, literally. You
should just come home one day and act mentally disturbed crazy. Take all the utensils in kitchen and place them on her side of the bed and then just act like you did not do it even though she saw you. Another crazy move would be to wake up way before her, then stand in a corner in the room for two hours saying nothing but these words, “popcorn”.
There are two things a gold digger is afraid of, a broke man and a crazy man. If all those
do not work then my friend you should change your locks, change your number and move on to the next woman.