No more politics at Namas

During one of the post Nama media briefings held earlier last week, the Namas executive committee chairperson Tim Ekandjo stated that they will educate artist for the next Namas to ensure they uphold and reverence the spirit in which many meet at the Namas for. After his performance at the Namas held in Swakopmund, The Dogg shouted ‘Vote for SWAPO’ and  after winning his first award, Gazza gave a political speech that started in ‘ongulumbashe’. Both had a number of people talking and some attributed it to the fact that the Prime Minister, Hage Geingob was amid the crowd or the two were campaigning on behalf of the SWAPO party.
“We have taken note of the political sentiments expressed by some artists and we would like to caution that the Namas is and will remain a celebration of Namibian music irrespective of race, political, social, economic, religious or any other affiliation, and in this regard we will engage our artists and educate them to ensure that they maintain and respect this spirit in which we gather at the
Namas, that common denominator should be that music that unifies us” said the Nama executive committee chairperson, Tim Ekandjo. “These artists always surprise us” said a smiling Ekandjo. The Nama committee has therefore decided that for the next Namas, artists will be put in a workshop, “to ensure that this does not repeat itself.” Politics aside, Ekandjo announced that the NAMAs established a mutually beneficial relationship with the Angolan Music Awards. To conclude, Ekandjo stated that 2014 Namas were yet another classical celebration of Namibian music, an appreciation of how far it has come.