O&LÔÇÖs Mwenyopaleka kicks off

Ohlthaver & List (O&L) Group of Companies kicked off its annual Mwenyopaleka Road Show in Walvis Bay last week.
The programme was launched in 2004, to instil the Group’s purpose, values and vision, as well as the associated behaviour in the hearts and minds of each employee within it.
The group’s manager of employee engagement, Sonja Thieme, said over the past few years, the Mwenyopaleka Road Show has allowed the Group to promote and communicate its objectives to employees.  
“Last year, we kicked off with ‘O&L TV’. This year, we present the ‘O&L Studio’ where we look at and go inside O&L. The main purpose of the programme is to continuously revitalise the Group through the active and consistent communication of the purpose, values and vision; to move away from a rule-driven employment relationship to a value-driven one and gain long-term employee commitment, using the purpose, values and vision, as drivers in achieving all the goals in the ‘Vision 2017 Breakthrough Plan’.”
Thieme also said this year’s production centres on ownership, accountability and sustainability as important messages towards stepping up the O&L ladder, towards its Vision 2017.
The Group, Thieme said, relies on the power of employee engagement, at both strategic and on-the-ground levels, to enhance and drive their goals and objectives on the road to 2017. “We believe employee engagement is the essence of connecting with employees, by involving them in various initiatives, such as communication, leadership development and creating excellent employment experiences”.
This year marks the 10th Anniversary of the Mwenyopaleka programme.
“This is a remarkable milestone in the history of the O&L Group and demonstrates our commitment towards this programme and towards using innovative and fun methods of sharing various important messages with our employees. The road show has now extended as far as Katima Mulilo,” concluded Thieme.