Caught dogging under the bed

City Police last week caught a resident of Windhoek’s Havana informal settlement, Tobias Amakali, with the head of a missing dog hidden under his bed.
The owner of the dog, Isaack Kamati (39) says the kids who live in Amakali’s house bragged to their fellows who live his about how they had enjoyed dog meat, unaware their neighbour’s dog had gone missing a day before.
“We asked around the neighbourhood but no one seemed to have seen it. So we concluded it must have been eaten, because whenever a dog goes missing around here, it means only that,” says Kamati.
He adds; “I went looking for Amakali but he was not home. His girlfriend said he had gone to Cimbebasia. When I asked if she might know of the whereabouts of my dog, she confirmed her boyfriend had indeed brought a dog home the previous night. That’s when I asked to see the remains of the dog”.
A heated argument would ensue between Kamati and Amakali’s girlfriend for which members of the City Police had to be dispatched.
“The police got here just moments before Amakali, which prevented a physical attack. Amakali was under the impression I had assaulted his girlfriend, because she was crying when she called him to come home”.
Kamati also says members of the City Police searched the house as soon as the kids and Amakali’s girlfriend confirmed eating dog meat the previous night. The dog’s head was found hidden in a sack under the bed, which led to Amakali’s arrest. He was taken to Wanaheda Police Station from where he confirmed to V-Metro he had indeed killed the dog, because he thought it was stray.
“I did not know it belonged to Kamati. I’m really sorry about what happened. We arranged that I will pay him back and that’s why he did not press charges against me,” says Amakali.