Maximise trade fairs - Pohamba

As the season of trade fairs and expositions nears, President Hifikepunye Pohamba urges the public to market their products and services and use the platform to attract potential investors into their towns.
Pohamba says trade fairs and expos play an important role in linking and bringing together businesses and their operators, to explore and forge mutually beneficial networks and partnerships, be it joint venture investments, sourcing of inputs or sale of finished goods.
“It is therefore of utmost importance that we use platforms, such as exhibitions, trade fairs and expositions to explore alternative business opportunities, develop new markets and identify new trends to grow our businesses. In addition, making linkages between businesses and adding value to our raw materials by developing and strengthening local and regional value chains should be embraced at all costs,” he says.
Trade and Industry minister, Calle Schlettwein, voiced the President’s sentiments at the official opening of the Ondangwa Trade and Industrial Exhibition last week.
He said the Northern Tannery, as a manufacturing entity, is best positioned to propel Ondangwa to become the industrial hub in the northern region. It is therefore important that this tannery is supported at all levels to ensure sustainable growth and to provide more employment.
“Trade fairs and similar initiatives have always been platforms for the exchange of knowledge. In today’s knowledge-based society, information has become a decisive resource. The production, selection, filtration and channeling of information have thus become some of the most important tasks in a national economy”.  
Pohamba also expressed his contentment with the growth of the exhibition and trade fair industry in Namibia. However, he said while the initiative is commendable for its contribution towards local economic development, trade and investment as well as community development at large should be encouraged to develop and enforce a regulatory framework to add more value and to ensure standards are maintained.
“Government will continue to support events of this nature, to create awareness of the importance of our domestic market. Similarly, we will continue to support entrepreneurs to participate and exhibit at these events,” Pohamba said.