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Northern City extension doesnÔÇÖt come cheap

Tue, 6 May 2014 05:31
by Online Reporter

After the closure of the major textile industry, Ramatex, which was situated in the Haloid Industrial Township, the township has since been idle.
However, City of Windhoek (CoW) is now looking into establishing and proclaiming Haloid as a legit township, to deliver predominantly industrial and business erven.
CoW has thus launched a tender for town planning consultancy, to conduct an environmental impact assessment (EIA) and compile an environmental management plan for Haloid Township.
The township lies north of Otjomuise, bounded by the Otjomuise Road and Moses Garoeb Street.
This tender received five bids, with a mixture of local and foreign firms, including Consulting Services Africa with a total value of N$484 989 for a period of six months, as well as South African-based BVi Consulting Engineering Namibia whose bid totalled N$1m for just a period of 16 weeks.
Further bidders include CED Consultancy with N$667 700 but no period indicated, Africa Creative Synergy with N$3.5m for the probable estimated time of six months, as well as Matrix Consulting Services with the least bid of N$310 040 for a period of three to five months.
The estimated time of the project’s completion is six months and CoW expects results from the 132.5ha land meant to yield zones for industrial, business, municipal, public open spaces, undetermined and institutional use.
The extension of the northern side of the city has further required more consulting services for town planning of three areas. The areas include Havana, Otjomuise Extension 6 and 7 and Babylon, Kilimanjaro and Okuryangava Extension 6.
The three town planning tenders closed last month and all received three local bids from Kerry McNamara Architects with its total price for the three tenders ranging between N$1m and N$27m while Haarmonic Town Planning Consultants’ bid was between N$1-2m. Rhita Khiba Planning Consultants bid with N$906 200 for the Babylon area, N$5m for the Havana area and N$2.8m for Otjomuise.