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Disabled manÔÇÖs wife pregnant by another man

Mon, 28 April 2014 03:39
by Chris-Paul

Wheelchair-bound Berry Hansen’s family last week threw out his wife, Maureen, from the couple’s matrimonial home after news of her pregnancy with another man broke.
Maureen (33) has been living with her husband in Windhoek’s suburb, Khomasdal, after his accident in 2012, which left him paralysed from the waist down.
According to a family friend who leaked the story to V-Metro and asked not to be named, Maureen began the affair while her husband was undergoing physiotherapy in South Africa.
“Maureen is one of those self-righteous people who loves to go to church but behind those walls of her house, she has been seeing another man. Her in-laws last week asked her to pack up and leave the home she has been sharing with her husband and two daughters,” said the family friend, adding, the mother-in-law, Susan Hansen, who still owns the house the couple has been living in, ordered Maureen to leave after she confessed to cheating but not being pregnant.
“She went for a pregnancy test, which turned out to be positive. She confided in a friend who informed Susan and here we are,” said the source.
Berry was in South Africa at the time of going to press but his brother, Darren, confirmed the story, saying, “The pregnancy outcome and my mother kicking her out of the house are definitely true. It is a very sensitive issue and at this stage, my mother and brother would not like me shedding any light on it. He will be in the country next week and you can talk to him about it then”.
His brother’s marriage, Darren said, has been rocky since the car accident, which took place outside Swakopmund.
“After the accident, I think she only stuck around because of his money. The love has not really existed and it is a difficult situation to be in”.
When reached for comment, Maureen denied being pregnant or cheating on her husband, although confirmed her house eviction.

“My mother-in-law has no idea how much I have cared for my husband and it was really wrong of her to react like that. I don’t want to say much about it, that’s why I agreed to move out with my kids until my husband returns. They have to show proof of my pregnancy and infidelity,” a fuming Maureen, whom at the time of going to press was staying at a friend’s in Otjomuise, said.