Artists left out of Nama list

With just two weeks left before the 2014 Namibia Music Awards (Namas) kick off, pundits remain dumbfounded over why artists who were nominated in last year’s edition of the awards, have not made the cut this year.
Those who dominated the 2013 Namas’ nominee list have either not made it on the 2014 list or have made it by luck.
Last year, Killa B, Cox and Damara Dikding were nominated in five categories - Best Damara Punch, Best House, Best Male Artist of the Year and Best Instrumental of the Year and others. This year, Dikding and Cox do not feature on the nominee list whilst Killa B has only been nominated in two categories.
“Since my project was already there last year, the singles I have are for the album I’m working on. Last year, things were not so good at the Namas and I was unimpressed with how they treated artists, hence, I decided not to enter any of my singles to see how things will go this year,” says Cox.
Dikding has confirmed not to have had any material for this year’s Namas and thus did not enter. “One has to have an album out for a certain period of time, yet my album is only coming out at the end of this year”.
The 2014 Namas Best Rock/Alternative category has the least number of nominees, mainly newbies , with the likes of Penilane and Famaz Attak being noticeable absentees.
Famaz Attak’s Rene had told The Villager in an earlier interview they would not enter in this year’s Namas, because “we are highly disappointed in Tim Ekandjo for failing to pay us for using of our instruments in last year’s awards”.
Ru and Miss H have also not made the cut, basically because they did not release any album this year.
 Sally is one of the artists who have been left out of the nominee list and according to her husband and producer Kboz, they did not enter because of the unkind treatment she received from the Namas last year.
Kboz has, however, been nominated for Best Producer with Gazza’s Kwateni Omnona.