SBN CEO addresses PoN graduates

Standard Bank Namibia (SBN) chief executive officer (CEO), Vetumbuavi Junius Mungunda, addressed graduates at the recent 19th Polytechnic of Namibia (PoN) graduation ceremony held in Windhoek, congratulating them for successfully obtaining their respective degrees.
He also shared helpful tips about achieving success beyond graduation.
“Whenever there are changes in our lives, they bring uncertainty and anxiety to many of us. Despite the fact that you, the new graduates, are armed with credible qualifications, it is not unusual that simply contemplating life beyond your academic life brings about a feeling of uncertainty,” said Mungunda.
Slow growth in the global and Namibian economies, he said, provide a challenge to job seekers, as not all are absorbed into the market. Thus, a number will not have an immediate opportunity to put their learnt proficiency into practice and even obtain new set of skills.
According to him, the launch of the Industrial Policy by the Minister of Trade and Industry and of the National Commission of Research, Science and Technology by the Minister of Education are important developments.
“At a systemic level, the country is finding mechanisms to drive innovation. The second area that needs attention is higher education qualifications, which require an alignment to industry demands.”
He further advised educational institutions to incorporate entrepreneurship into their curricula. To the graduates, he added: “Firstly, self-awareness is key to effective application of gained knowledge and an essential step towards maximising skills.
He furthered: “When life throws challenges in your direction, it calls for you to be cognisant of your strengths and weaknesses. Show your appreciation and respect for those who have helped you on your journey.”
One should always actively seek ways to help others attain similar achievements to theirs or even surpass them, Mungunda urged.