Hostel superintendent molests boys

A hostel superintendent at Omaruru Primary School, Judas Tjivii Mberira (33), was arrested two weeks ago on charges of molesting young boys.
Mberira was arrested at the Paheje Primary School where he has been serving as a relief teacher. This, after being charged with molesting a 13-year-old boy and three 14-year-old boys under his care.
The spokesperson of the Namibian Police (Nampol), Commissioner Edwin Kanguatjivi, has confirmed Mberira’s arrest and said he had appeared in the Omaruru Magistrates Court but was denied bail.
Head of department at Paheye PS, Wilhelmine Mate, said she was speechless about the incident and referred all questions to the Omaruru PS Hostels where Mberira was superintendent.
“We always sought him whenever we needed a relief teacher. I am still in shock and cannot comment, as police investigations continue,” said Mate.
A staff member from the hostel who preferred to remain anonymous said there may be more unreported cases of abuse the superintendent might have carried out undetected.
Mberira is accused of molesting the boys for an unknown period of time, until one of the victims reported the matter to his parents, who then approached the school, seeking answers.
He is further suspected of infecting the minors with an undisclosed sexually transmitted infection (STI), which resulted in one of them seeking medical treatment twice.
V-Metro has established blood was drawn from all the boys last Wednesday, to confirm the alleged STI and results are expected as soon as possible.
 “I fail to understand the evil people get up to these days. How can one harm innocent little souls they are supposed to take care of? This nation needs deliverance,” said the hostel staff member.
Kanguatjivi refrained from commenting on the suspected STI, stating it is out of his jurisdiction.
V-Metro could also not get confirmation on whether or not the boys were treated for possible HIV infections, at the time of going to press.