Peculiarity with antique a la Brocante

La Brocante is a year-old restaurant in the capital, located in Macadams Street, opposite Obeco, O. Behrens & Co. (Pty) Ltd on the street across Neo Paints, Southern Industrial.
Situated inside the Old Gruner Kranz Hotel Complex, which was built in 1906, the name of the restaurant from a brochure made me search and expect to walk into a visibly upmarket, posh place, beautifully decorated, with a ‘La Brocante’ board above the entrance but that was not the case. I was greeted by a rusty hung up ‘La Brocante’ sign and a young waitress who seemed eager to assist me.
I walked past the pot plants in wooden boxes at the entrance into a very conventional décor peculiar to the restaurant.
Its tables are a bit rusty yet suited to its setting. In the middle of every table is a small, multi-coloured pot plant while an old bicycle hangs on the wall [probably to add to the antique décor?].
Not only is it an eatery but it is also a craft centre that sells vintage goods, such as phones, sewing machines and clothing used in the 90s.
Shocked it was my first time at La Brocante, the owner, Stephan Loubser said; “Our lunch buffets are the most popular and it’s our busiest time of the day.” With that, I was convinced I’ve been living under a rock.
For the day, the buffet had ‘beef lasagne’, ‘chicken pie’, ‘Cajun chicken’, ‘basmati rice’, ‘ham and asparagus quiche’, ‘red cabbage salad’ and ‘seasonal greens’.
Mind you, there is always a diverse buffet for each day.
After the pleasantries, I immediately dug in, filling my plate with green veggies and feta cheese, a drum stick and a piece of ham and asparagus quiche.
The buffet only cost N$16.90 per 100 grams, to which Loubser said, “you don’t eat as much as you want but you pay for what you eat. You can also have a takeaway buffet lunch, if you please.”
I enjoyed my ham and asparagus quiche, with just the right amount of salt.
For dessert, I had a creatively presented half a slice of carrot cake. The strawberry sauce was beautifully combined with the cake and the three mango stripes attracted my taste buds.
My choice of drink was a green powered concoction derived from cucumber, spinach, apple, pineapple and lemon. It was surprisingly good and simultaneously healthy. Makes you rethink dried veggies!
Unlike other eateries offering buffets, you can find your way to La Brocante and order a takeaway buffet on-the-go while the option of an a la carte meal is also available.