Shakes gets fired from Izinyoka Entertainment


well you know Shakes right, the dude the artist manager at Izinyoka Entertainment, well he has been shown the door due having long fingers. He was Zox’s protégé, like his mentor and predecessor, he was fired from GMP and now recently Izinyoka. According to Streekidz Dicksampama, Shakes has been stealing money from Izinyoka’s coffers, and after he stole the money from t-shirt sales at the Copper Festival, Izinyoka Entertainment owner saw it as the last straw. Shakes claimed he was robbed money from T-shirts amounting to a 10 grand, but  his boss could not buy his lame explanation, let alone take it on credit. “He claimed he was robbed at gunpoint, but he didn’t even bother lay a charge immediately, the boss just told him to f**k off. So  the post is open, anyone can apply,” said Dicksamapama. Shakes, whose life has revolved around the music industry, moving from label to label, is also known to get girls using the artists names. So it might be really a long stretch before dude sees some action, or I guess it’s time to reestablish that relationship with your right hand and a dirty magazine. Catch me again next week, I’m outie!