Grill, the dream chasing rapper

Ziggy Thunder Munikasika who goes by the stage name Gurd Grill, is a 20-year-old rapper from Rundu who started music to fulfil his dreams.
With a couple of his primary school friends, he wrote his first rap track titled ‘Hero’ in 2004 and although it did not make sense back then, “it made me feel good about myself”.
Besides being driven by the desire to tell his life story while grasping people’s attention and making them aware of his thoughts and feelings, the youthful rapper says “the desire of being on stage and conveying my message to an awesome, energetic crowd has always motivated me to do more with my talent”.
He claims to be the only rapper who redefines gangster rap through street music that often encompasses real-life issues while consciously portraying a viable message.
“I take street experiences most people do not imagine exist and turn them into content worth listening to; that makes me gangster yet conscious. I speak about the struggle, giving people something to visualise as I bring it all closer to home,” boasts Gurd Grill.
Since he does it for the love of the game, he maintains he does not face any challenge at all in the industry, although acknowledges he cannot keep a low-key, because he needs to be heard to reap the rewards of what he has sown.
“I need to eat from the investments I’ve made in my music. But as they say, it’s not about the most talented, the most connected, or the richest but about who wants it the most”.
He plans to drop a 22-tracked album titled ‘Overtime’ on 30th of August featuring songs, such as ‘Might As Well’, ‘In Ma Zone’, ‘What Else’ and ‘Last Minute’, just to mention a few.
‘Overtime’, according to him, is self-explanatory; “I have worked beyond normal time limits to establish a name for myself in this industry, hence the upcoming album title.”
So far, he has music videos for ‘What Else?’, currently played on One Africa Television and ‘Who Wants it’, which is available on YouTube and his Reverbnation channel.