O&: Happy 24th birthday, Namibia

Ohlthaver & List Group of Companies (O&L) has pledged its support and commitment towards improving education and health sectors in the country, as Namibia celebrates 24 years of independence.
The executive chairman, Sven Thieme, says these two sectors are vital “for a happy, healthy and educated nation that will ensure the future sustainability for our beautiful country and people”.
O&L’s dream is to see all Namibians empowered through the exploitation of their full potentials, which translates to giving everyone the power to do almost anything.
“Once we all believe we can make a difference and can co-lead our country, anything and everything becomes possible. This would lead to poverty eradication – where everyone is healthy, educated and has a belief in the future that can be most self-fulfilling”.
Quoting the famous words of American President John F Kennedy, Thieme says we should not ask what the country can do for us but what we can do for our country.
Reflecting on the past 24 years, Thieme talks of a sense of hope, trust, excitement and joy as Namibia has evolved into a young model nation, relentless in her pursuit of economic freedom.
“One of the greatest challenges the Namibian government is faced with post-apartheid, has been the creation of a new nation free of any discrimination. Looking at Government’s biggest achievements, some, such as infrastructure upgrades, the creation of a stable, peaceful and harmonious nation are most dear to me”.
Within the O&L Group of Companies, Thieme says the biggest challenge has been to convert it from operating in a fairly protected environment into a competitive firm in an open international market.
Amongst the Group’s achievements, he counts the creation of the Mwenyopaleka culture of caring for its employees as integral to its success.
“It is a culture inspired by its purpose and values and thereby can achieve extraordinary milestones”.
In the short-term, the Group is pursuing its ‘Vision 2017’ goals, to be the most progressive and inspiring company with its supporting vision metrics of generating N$2b earnings Before Interest and Taxes (EBIT). This will create an additional 2500 employment opportunities, making it an employer of choice that has a positive impact on the carbon footprint.
“Everything we do in O&L is aligned and in support of the national Vision 2030.  With our purpose of creating a future and enhancing life, which we passionately drive, we aim to contribute significantly to our dreams and the realisation of the national vision,” says Thieme with regards to the Group’s long-term goals.
As Namibia celebrates its 24th year of independence, Thieme encourages every citizen to be grateful and count their blessings.
“Let us list the items we can be thankful for over the last 24 years. Let us dream big about our future – thereby taking our nation step by step to the next level. A thankful heart is a happy heart. Let us cheer to another great year - Happy Birthday, Namibia!”