Only two bids surface for Zambezi IRLUP

The Stubenrauch Planning Consultants (SPC) JV Africa Planning Forum and the Southern Africa Institute for Environmental Assessment (SAIE) Trust Fund were recently awarded two Ministry of Lands and Resettlement (MLR) tenders for the Zambezi Region.
The two tenders, which closed mid-December, were awarded for the design and development of a Strategic Environment Assessment (SEA) for Zambezi Region’s Integrated Regional Land Use Plan (IRLUP).
Notably, the two companies were the only ones that placed bids to carry out the work.
SPC JV Africa Planning Forum was awarded rights to carry out the design and development of the IRLUP. As previously mentioned in an earlier Tender Talk article, IRLUP plans, which were implemented in 1999 and 2005 contained serious deficiencies attributed to the lack of guidelines and regulations.
One of the specific objectives for the Zambezi IRLUP is to work out solutions to existing and overlapping land uses with regards to small-scale commercial farming schemes (SSCF), conservancies, State/community forests and crop/animal husbandry in Zambezi.
The IRLUP findings will identify critical and promising areas within the Zambezi Region and offer remedies through a planning process.
The tender seeks the formulation of the IRLUP, which shall consist of an inception phase spanning for one and a half months, an analysis and planning phases to take 11 months, a third phase consisting of finalisation and communication of the Zambezi IRLUP, GIS database and documentation (also to go for one and a half months).
SPC was founded in August 1989 in Windhoek and has since positioned itself as a strong competitor in Namibia. It has designed over 50 000 erven for town councils and private clients within Namibia.
The second tender regarding the development of an SEA plan for Zambezi IRLUP was awarded to the SAIE Trust Fund.
The winning bidder is expected to assess the land use scenarios proposed in the draft Land Use Plan, including conflicting scenarios; support the development of viable and sustainable alternatives if necessary or appropriate; identify key issues on sustainability in Kavango and consider them for the IRLUP.
It also seeks to support Land Use Planning, its allocation process and organisation of SEA in close co-operation with the consultants commissioned with the IRLUP support.
The IRLUP process will consist of the inception stage of about 10.5 months, finalisation, as well as the Regional Planning GIS and process documentation.
SAIE is a non-profit environment trust whose mission is to support sustainable development in southern Africa through the promotion of effective and efficient use of environment assessment as a planning tool.