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Married women fight over toy-boy

Tue, 18 March 2014 16:09
by Chris-Paul

Two married women, Otja Kauvee (39) and Maria Shikeva (42), traded shoves and pushes at a Katutura bar in Single Quarters last week over young blood, Alex Tjeripo (27).
Tjeripo works as a part-time driver for Luxury Hills-based Otja and is also a family friend to Maria whom he neighbours in Marula, Katutura.
He says he has known the women for years and that the argument at Single Quarters had been induced by a missed appointment with Maria.
“I had planned to fetch Maria from the salon in Rocky Crest but had errands to run for Otja. When I didn’t pitch and my phone went off, the two fell out,” narrates Tjeripo, adding, Maria grew jealous of the fact that Tjeripo was running errands for Otja at night. So she started sending him “nasty text messages”.
“She was very upset and started to insult both Otja and I. A few days later, she bumped into Maria and I drinking at a bar in Single Quarters. She picked up a fight with Otja, which nearly got physical,” Tjeripo adds.
Although Tjeripo could not confirm or deny allegations that his relationship with the women is sexual, his best friend Lesley Kaura who was present during the scuffle between the two women believes Tjeripo’s duties with them stretch to bedroom satisfaction.
“From the text messages I have read from his cell phone from both women, I doubt if it is just work. If he is not sleeping with them already, it is bound to happen sooner or later, because that’s the impression I got after reading the text messages. It’s a dangerous game he is playing, because I know Maria’s husband is a soldier,” says Kaura.
Otja accuses Maria of sleeping with Tjeripo, saying, “The boy you are talking about,” referring to Tjeripo at V-Metro’s inquiry, “is my driver and he does a lot of things for me on a part-time basis. That crazy woman has been sleeping with him, that’s why she’s so protective of him. He doesn’t work for her but she hates the fact that he runs errands for me”.
Asked to describe her relationship with Tjeripo, Maria has said he is a family friend and confidante. “It’s absurd for anyone to think there would be anything more between him and I, because I have known him since he was a kid. Besides, I’m a married woman, for Pete’s sake. He is very smart, that’s why I confide in him as he does me. I just don’t like the way Otja treats him sometimes and when I pointed that out to her the other day, she got upset,” weighs in Maria.