ItÔÇÖs About Time, Lil D

For years, he has been the most sought-after feature artist since breaking ground with Djay’s ‘Girl Like Mine’ and now, Lil D’s long-awaited debut album, ‘About Time’, is out.
Talented at singing ballads and rocking raps, Lil D’s 13-tracked album is not short of expectation, with each song exuding with a captivating message, albeit with too many emotions of love and hurt portrayed.
He opens the album with an up-tempo track titled ‘End Of The Night’, which oozes of an electrifying sensation. It is one of those songs that are suitable for a disco.
If you know ‘Adorn’ by Miguel, you would understand the inspiration behind Track 2, ‘Do It All Different’. The difference in this track is, Lil D talks about treating the girl better if he had a second chance.
Most of the tracks on this album were composed by Lil D himself apart from the ones in which he features other artists. He worked with producers, such as Ricardo ‘Prolifik’ Goagoseb, MZ, Naughty Boys and Glo.
The CD sleeve is an amazing work of art by Oshoveli Shipoh and inspired by animations, leaving a unique, simple, yet adorable end product.
Back to the music. Track 6, ‘Best Friend’s Girl’, has Lil D confessing and admitting to being in love with his best friend’s girl. It is a very emotional song that would have many wondering whether or not it is based on real life issues.
According to Lil D, his favourite is ‘Memories’, Track 7, which he perceives as an easily relatable song. However, one can assume and even conclude it was written from a broken-hearted guy’s perspective.
Berthholdt comes across with strong vocals in ‘Your Body I Love’, Track 9, in fact complementing Lil D’s sexy voice.
In tracks 11, ‘I Am Good’ featuring Sean K and 12, ‘New Generation’ featuring KK, Lil D actually raps! But his delivery in both songs is somewhat below par, knowing his abilities.
He concludes the album with ‘Beautiful Feeling’; a song I’m sure he did not know whether to place on the electric or on the house genre class. When it starts, one would immediately think it’s Mi Casa’s ‘Jika’. But Lil D closes his baby with another up-tempo track, the same way he had opened it.
Not bad at all!
Rating: 7/10