Christians take off your masks


After experiencing a near death accident with his wife two years ago, gospel artist, Levite (Lukas Haufiku) is back with a saved-by-grace 15-track album, Take Off Your Mask.

 “Gospel means good news and the news is so good I want to share it with other people. I do gospel, because it’s the life that I live,” he said.

He dedicated the whole of last year to his new album, which he released about three weeks ago at the Jesus Centre in Okuryangava.

“The album is asking those Christians who sit in church on Sundays, acting holy but commit lots of sin outside church, like heavy drinking and adultery to take off their masks and show their true identity to the world and stop pretending,” he said.

The album is definitely gospel but it has gospel- kwaito mix in it, inspired by his favourite gospel hip hop American artist, Lecrae. 

“I listen to gospel hip hop and I learn a lot from these guys. They really inspire me, because they have never given up,” he said.

His personal favourites from the album are The One; a song he dedicated to his wife and performed for her on their wedding day and Tizaimba, which is a song he dedicated to his friend and wife’s former boss who passed away from cancer.

“She kept her faith till the last day. She, however, passed away while I was still in studio and she never got to hear the song,” he said.

The album is strictly gospel but that should not stop non-gospel listeners from listening to it, because it is a  mixer, which does not only preach to committed Christians but also to all those who like the music on the album.

For the good Christian who loves gospel, track 10 Who Shall? is a must listen  because it gives a harmonic vibe. The song merely asks Christians who shall separate them from the love of Christ as it’s sufficient for all.

This song, he says, is also an inspiration for Christians who sometimes feel like they are losing their way in the good path.