MTC, SSC award bursaries, study loans

To enable more Namibians study opportunities, various corporate companies have, over the years, invested in the education sector.
To this end, Mobile Telecommunications Limited (MTC) and Social Security Commission (SSC)  last week did their part by awarding bursaries as well as study loans worth N$700 000 and N$5.3m, respectively.
MTC awarded bursaries with the combined value of N$700 000 to four young Namibian students, as well as 15 employees. The manager for employee development, Jessica Moore said since 2004, their scholarship programme has continued to produce world-class graduates.
Moore said the success of the programme is attributable to the fact that it is coupled with integrated learning throughout the students’ academic programme at the institutions of higher learning.
“MTC invests N$500 000 every year in new students while maintaining its previous students on the programme. To date, all the students on the programme have received full-time employment contracts from MTC,” she said.
The chief human capital and corporate affairs, Tim Ekandjo said MTC is proud to have successfully managed this scholarship programme for so long and even formally employed about 95% of its recipients.
“We  now present you with a buffet of opportunities but it is up to you to choose what you deserve based on how hard you are prepared to work for it, because we will not dictate that to you,” Ekandjo said.
In another occasion, SSC, under its development fund (DF), provided 45 bursaries and 21 study loans with durations ranging from two to six years, worth over N$5.3m in total.
This year’s recipients bring the number of students that have been assisted by the SSC DF over the past six academic years, to 182. The number of study loan holders since 2012 now stands at 72 and the SSC spends about N$2.8m on new bursaries and N$1.5m on new study loans every year.
Minister of Labour and Social Welfare, Doreen Sioka said she has no doubt the bursaries and study loans will enable the students to pursue their studies without financial worries.
“This is a clear demonstration that SSC is doing everything in its power to cement its position as a strong catalyst for livelihood opportunities for disadvantaged Namibians. You must appreciate the fortunate situation in which you find yourselves and I urge you to take your studies seriously,” Sioka said.
SSC CEO, Kenandei Tjivikua said in line with the Social Security Act, the SSC DF will continue to provide financial assistance towards training and employment schemes, as well as bursaries and study loans to unemployed Namibians who are from socio-economically disadvantaged backgrounds.