Friend to ALL living things; domestic and wild

You were a true believer of patience as a virtue, not a vice; you could patiently position yourself, to get the best camera shot and the jungle knew your camera flashes even amidst rainfall.
The jungle will sadly miss those flashes and the local business arena will miss a strong, courageous and patient man who inspired many in the media; photography, advertising and cinematography industry.
You had the “sexy media house” you so much wanted to create. You lived a life beyond the naked eye, through the view-finder. You shared so much about the best spots for scuba-diving in the world. Mount Everest knows of Namibia, because of your resolve. How many of us will part with the universe doing what we are passionate about?
Only the greats have an inside to that. So long! Through your photographic work, the world will always remember you were here!
That said, the director, management and entire Omalaeti Media Group family says goodbye to you, a man of men.