NQA urges verification of institutionsÔÇÖ accreditation

Namibia Qualification Authority (NQA) has called on all prospective students to use its free services to check the statuses of course providers before they enrol for them.
The head of accreditation, assessment and audit, Polli Andima, stresses this call is aimed at creating awareness to prospective students, as it is better to take precautionary measures than be sorry.
“Students have fallen in such unfortunate positions where they end up with either local or international qualifications that are not recognised by NQA, causing them inconveniences after having gone through so much trouble to pay their fees,” he says.
NQA’s free services provide the latest information through enquiry forms about the status of any course provider and its courses (including providers from outside Namibia).
That an institution might be accredited does not necessarily mean all its programmes are, Andima emphasises. Therefore, it is always advisable to also check beforehand if the programme to be partaken is accredited.
NQA is a statutory body established by the Namibia Qualifications Authority Act No. 29 of 1996. It is committed to the promotion of quality education and training in Namibia through the development and management of a comprehensive and flexible National Qualification Framework (NQF). It further promotes quality through the accreditation of education and training providers in Namibia and their courses.