Anti Corruption makes five arrests in February

Labour inspector at the Ministry of Labour in Outjo, Ben Augustinus Aebeb, is the fifth person to be arrested by the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) this month.


Aebeb (49) was arrested on Tuesday February 25 by the ACC law enforcement officers on charges of misusing Government property for personal gain when he utilised a Government vehicle (GRN 86138) on the 13th of April 2013, to transport a soccer team, Outjo Sports Club, under his management from Outjo to Okaukuejo for a soccer match.


Other charges against Aebeb are the alleged misrepresentations he made on a subsistence and travel claim form for a trip that he undertook between the 7th and 12th of April 2013.



Aebeb was first investigated by the Namibian Police (Nampol) who then transferred the case to the ACC on 14 May 2013.


After the investigations were concluded, Aebeb’s case docket was forwarded to the office of the Prosecutor General who decided to charge Aebeb on two charges of corruption; contravening Section 35(3) (b), which is corruptly using a document that contains a falsification in respect of the S&T claim and Section 43(1) of the ACC Act No.8 of 2003, which is corruptly using office or position for gratification in respect of the misuse of the Government vehicle.


Aebeb is currently out on a N$2000 bail of which he paid after his first court appearance in the Outjo Magistrate Court and his case has been postponed to 12th March this year.