CoD, Swanu reproach Swapo over land, mass housing

Congress of Democrats (CoD) and South West African National Union (Swanu) held their first ever joint

media conference today in Windhoek, to express their concerns over Swapo using its position to acquire

land meant for the poor.

“We have reached a critical and frightening situation when Namibians, both in towns and countryside,

are unable to acquire a piece of land to build a home for their families,” read the statement issued by

both parties.

They said Government's resettlement programme is poorly funded in the current financial budget and

has since been implemented half-heartedly. This shows land allocation to the landless is not at the helm

of Government's priorities, they said.

Both parties also accused Government and the ruling Swapo of enriching themselves at the expense of

the poor and that they need to be called to order.

Referring to how the city council recently bulldozed illegal settlers in the Agste Laan area in Katutura,

CoD and Swanu called the act a reminiscence of the 10th

Over 10 people lost their lives in the old location on the night of December 10th

meeting involving approximately 4000 people ended in a bloody confrontation with the police over land.

“Such threats against the poor and landless are unacceptable and will meet angry response from our

parties and from all those committed to the upliftment of the poor. The struggle was not about creating

a class of elite who feeds off the system and suck the poor dry in the fashion of vampires.”

The two parties also picked bones with the companies contracted for the Mass Housing programme.

They warned those companies not to see it as a jackpot but rather an endeavor to build affordable

houses for the Namibian masses.

Leading the press conference were CoD president, Ben Ulenga and Swanu president, Usutuaije


 of December.

 last year after a protest