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Kazang, faster way to purchase

Mon, 24 February 2014 01:50
by Honorine Kaze

Looking for a faster, safer and more flexible way to sell prepaid services and receive micro-payments? Kazang Prepaid Services might be what you’re looking for.
Kazang Prepaid is an industry-leading electronic vending service, which spans across selling airtime, electricity units, mobile data, lifestyle content and more, with or without printing vouchers.
Vertex Mobile Recharge Services (Pty) Administration and Support Services general manager, Herbert Burmeister, notes this is a convenient way of making regular purchases and an easier way for vendors to access the products without having to queue up in the main supplier shops.
Vertex Mobile Recharge Services, as the representative of the Kazang Services in Namibia, sells the vending machines needed for the purchases of the product to the vendors.
Furthermore, it plays the connector between the vendors and the supplying companies such as MTC for their tango credits, TN mobile for their flexi card, switch or TN credits, City of Windhoek and Nored for the electricity.
Burmeister notes the MTC products are the most purchased compared to the rest of the products.
“By offering such products, we add value to vendors who no longer have to carry around scratch cards. All they need to do is open a vendor’s account with Kazang, from which they can sell their content,” he says.
Therefore, clients can pay money directly into their vending accounts or by effecting an electronic funds transfer (EFT) to the bank and use the given account number when they register with Kazang as reference number, without creating any space between the digits.
According to Burmeister, Kazang Services has just concluded a deal with First National Bank of Namibia (FNB), through which the vendors can allow the bank to make direct monthly transfers into their Kazang accounts so they are always able to sell 24/7.
The vending machine carries a sim card, which means all the vendors need is to be within cell phone network reception to do their transactions; and the machine carries rechargeable batteries.
In case clients want to use the services for their own convenience and not for selling purposes, they can purchase them through their phones.
All they need to do is open a Kazang prepaid account using their cell phones through which they can purchase airtime or electricity at the comfort of their homes.
The services, which started last February, have a steady customer base increase and can be found in the Khomas and Kavango regions, as well as the coast.
The company’s objective is to increase its foot print throughout the country and at this point, the vending machine goes for a N$1250 discount.
Kazang prepaid services are found in various African countries including South Africa, Zambia, Ghana, Kenya, Botswana and Zimbabwe.