Development of grain storage in Kavango Region

To alleviate poverty, unemployment and keep the food security to a sufficient level, Government adopted the green scheme policy in 2003. From it, various green schemes have since been initiated.
Some of the objectives included in the initiative promote food security at national and household levels, diversify agricultural production and products for the domestic and export markets, as well as support the small-scale farmers.
Seven green schemes exist in the Kavango Region – The Sikondo Irrigation, Ndonga Linena Irrigation, Musese Irrigation, Shitemo Irrigation, Shadikongoro Irrigation and Uvhungu- Vungu projects, as well as the Mashare Commercial Farming Unit. Therefore, to upgrade the grain storage capacities of green schemes in Kavango, three formal Government tenders from the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry for three projects in Kavango regions were recently launched.
Before closure, the three tenders had been restricted to 100% Namibian-owned SMEs. They attracted 27 tenderers for the projects found in Ndongo Linena, Mashare and Sikondo.
As pointed out in the tender bulletin, the three tenders consisted of earth works, storage for approximately 2 000 tons of grains including all-grain cleaning and grain-handling systems (maize @ 721 kg/m3) and the construction of a dump/process shed to house the off-loading and grain-cleaning of infrastructure.
The Sikondo tender received about nine bids including Itumelenge Construction and Debushing, M&D Construction and Electrical, Ipileg Investments. The project is situated 15km west of Rundu, on the way to Nkurenkuru.
The second tender for the Omashare project, which is situated in the Kavango East Region, attracted nine tenderers including Stefanutti Stock Construction, Omake Projects, Bomag Agriculture & General Engineering and Teya Investments.   
The third tender is directed to the Ndongo Linena project in the Kavango East Region, 90km off Rundu, on the way to Divundu. It received nine bids as well, with some of the previous tenderers from the other two projects such as Teya Investments bidding for it.