African sci-fi extraordinaire

The paintings of Nambowa Malua show the Land of the Brave has surely been blessed with some great artists, even though few attain that world-class standard, which is no easy feat.
This young man is already knocking on that door.
What is great about Malua’s paintings is, although each is unique, they all have a very clear Afro-centric pride for the beauty in being black. As much as there is a deep appreciation for the imagery and visualisation birthed in platforms, such as science fiction (sci-fi), which can be found across the globe, the paintings are all done with a unique Namibian touch to them.
What is even more impressive is, the majority of the artist’s paintings are of existing people, mainly his friends who work in the media, education, entertainment and other local industries. However, Malua manages to capture the essence of his subjects’ looks while adding his own wildly creative imaginations to the paintings. A personal favourite is that of ‘Agent 77’, author of The Villager short stories, who - in his black neon-lit suit - looks like he’s about to step into a battle alongside Marvel’s Avengers.
Malua’s primary platform of exhibiting his paintings, currently, is Facebook where they seem quite grandiose. But if these paintings are anything to go by, the future holds great things for this artist.