Stephen, Dillish sex-tape leaks

A pornographic video of Big Brother Africa - The Chase winner, Dillish Mathews and her now ex-boyfriend Steven Gaeseb, went viral toward the end of last week.
The video surfaced a day before a daily newspaper reported Gaeseb confirming their breakup. However, he denied the existence of such material during The Villager’s interview.
In the video, watched by this reporter, Gaeseb masturbates while Dillish is heard giggling and mumbling endearments urging him on.
At some point, Dillish shows her face and upper torso while in a black brassier, murmuring, “You are messy!”
At the time of going to press, there was not enough information on how or who had leaked the video. However, The Villager learnt about three weeks ago, a local online gossip publication had broken the news of the existence of the video.
The website, which also broke the news of Dillish and Gaeseb’s breakup in mid-January this year, claimed it had been approached by a certain Selma who said she was in possession of such erotic material and needed money to keep her mouth shut.
The website ran the story under the headline, ‘Dillish and Steven’s porno leaks’. In the story, the website claimed Dillish had hired someone from Okuryangava to repair her laptop who in turn discovered the video and showed it to Selma.
Both Dillish and Gaeseb refused to shed light on how the video came about. “I’m not willing to talk about it. I’m sure you know the state I’m in, so I can’t say anything about that right now,” said Gaeseb.
“What do you want me to say about it? No comment. Whoever is doing it is happy with their life and I don’t care about it,” said Dillish on Friday.