Bar toilet quickie leaves teen pregnant

What should have been a mere toilet encounter at a bar in Eveline Street, which was meant to irk her boyfriend a little after an argument last November, left 18-year-old Elizabeth Hilifa pregnant.
Enraged by her boyfriend, Jeremia Shivolo’s two-timing behaviour, Hilifa called on her friends and ex-classmate David Tonateni for solace. The sympathising friends would suggest to take her on a night outing.
According to Shivolo, it was during the outing that Tonateni took advantage of drunk Hilifa and had unprotected sex with her.
“They were all club-hoping in Katutura, drunk. Their night started in Shandumbala and ended with sex in Eveline Street. A few days after that, he was all over the streets of Shandumbala bragging about it. He has spent all his life wanting to have sex with her since their days at school. So when the opportunity presented itself, he grabbed it,” said Shivolo who added, Hilifa and Tonateni did not have a relationship after that, as Hilifa decided cut ties with the latter.
“Maybe out of embarrassment over what had happened, she started to avoid him. It was out of frustration of her avoidance a few days after that, that he started to spread the story,” Shivolo said.
When Shivolo went over to Hilifa’s place to confront her about the rumour Tonateni had been spreading, he was hurt more when he learnt the incident had indeed taken place.
“I had hoped she would deny the story, so I could have the guts to confront Tonateni about the lies he had been spreading. I was really disappointed when she confessed the whole thing. I felt powerless.”
His worst nightmare would be confirmed in late December when he found out Hilifa was pregnant as a result of her toilet encounter with Tonateni.
Having been in the lead of the competition with Tonateni for Hilifa’s love, the pregnancy news, Shivolo said, made him feel as though he had lost the battle after years of victory.
“I’d be lying if I said I didn’t, for a second, consider suicide. The pregnancy news just crushed me,” Shivolo said.  
Quizzed about the issue, Hilifa yelled insults at this reporter before hanging up, saying; “Is it your mother’s business who I had sex with and where? F**k off!”