Telecom awards bursaries

Telecom Namibia (TN) has awarded ten bursaries worth N$1.2m to local students to further their studies at any university of their choice in Namibia, as part of its social corporate responsibility.

Minster of Education Dr David Namwandi who officiated the handover ceremony along with TN managing director, Frans Ndoroma and the chief head of human resources, Andrew Kanime concured TN is doing a great job by helping students further their studies.

“Happiness depends on giving, not receiving and Telecom Namibia is doing an exceptional job on that,” Dr Namwandi said before Ndoroma congratulated and praised the students on their diligence, character and achievements of 2013.

Said Ndoroma, addressing the beneficiaries, “These bursaries will help create a strong and productive skills base and enable economic growth. I believe your efforts and abilities will take you forward on your path of excellence and set you on the course for success.”

Dr Namwandi further urged the students to appreciate the opportunity TN has presented to them and then encouraged other companies to follow suite.

“This is not a right but a privilege. Make use of this golden opportunity so you and your country can reap the benefits. Telecom Namibia is a true partner of the Ministry of Education and it is important for institutions and Government to hold hands in educating our youth,” Dr Namwandi furthered. 

Of the ten students awarded bursaries this week, eight will study at the Polytechnic of Namibia (PoN) while the other two will be at the University of Namibia (Unam). 

Telecom Namibia introduced the bursary scheme in 1999 to address the skills shortages in the Namibian market, particularly in the areas of information technology, telecommunications and electronic engineering.