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Wedding off; bride gambles money away

Mon, 13 January 2014 00:52
by Chris-Paul

A liakim Kandjeke and Sophie Hatutale were forced to abort their wedding on 15th December in Ondangwa after it emerged the bride had gambled N$80 000 the couple had saved for their big day.
Hatutale (32) has been with Kandjeke (34) for the past ten years but invited guests learnt that what God has put together, only a woman can put asunder, thanks to her gambling addiction.
She blew N$80 000 in just over five months.
“Everyone knows she has a gambling problem. She can go for days gambling and her fiancé would be well aware of that. He initially had a problem with it but it later seemed like he had given up and allowed her to gamble as she pleased, unaware it was their wedding money she was gaming away,” a family friend revealed.
Kandjeke only discovered about two months before the wedding his fiancée had squandered the money and frantically tried to come up with something to save the day.
The couple is based in Rundu with their two kids. Family members have been asking why the wedding in Ondangwa had to be cancelled.
“Sometimes he says his fiancée changed her mind not to marry him and at times he tells others they just decided to postpone the wedding to sometime this year. It is a pity because he loves her and all he wanted was a wedding but now he has to protect her,” Metro was told.
Painfully denying his fiancée had gambled the money, Kandjeke said; “Some of the money we had saved up was used for family emergencies and as a result, we ran short of the wedding budget. It is no longer a problem, though, because we are currently saving up and the wedding will definitely happen this year. People just need to relax.”
Kandjeke could neither reveal what those family emergencies were, nor the new date for the wedding. But his fiancée was vehement when approached. “It’s not your problem that there was no wedding. It is between my fiancé and I. All you need to know is, the wedding is mine and it will happen,” said Hatutale angrily before hanging up the phone call.
Nonetheless, the few friends Kandjeke approached in the North over the holidays for financial assistance confirmed the gambling reason he gave them but they told him December was a bad time to be lent money.