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Soldier g-strangles girlfriend

Mon, 13 January 2014 00:50
by Chris-Paul

A Grootfontein-based soldier, Salomon Ngesheya, physically assaulted and strangled his girlfriend, Rita Nanuses, with a pair of her g-strings after finding her enjoying coital activities with another man in the town.
Ngesheya admitted to finding his girlfriend fornicating with another man at her house and attacking both of them.
“I went to her house that evening to look for her but she was not there and I kept searching for her all night. She switched off her cell phone knowing I would fetch her from her house around seven o’clock that night,” said an angry Ngesheya, adding, he later learnt from one of Nanuses’ friends she had gone to Tsumeb to meet up with some of her friends.
“I know where four of her close friends in Tsumeb stay, so I asked one of my friends to accompany me there. In Tsumeb, we drove around for hours looking for them and eventually gave up. Her cell phone was still off, so we just decided to drive back to Grootfontein,” narrated Nghesheya last week.
After a few rounds, Ngesheya and co. decided to drive to his friend’s house for more alcohol as most bars were now closing, as it was then past midnight.
“On my way to my friend’s house at around 3am, I decided to check her house one last time, because it’s the same route from the bar. We parked outside and went to her window, there were voices coming from her room but the light was off. I became suspicious,” he said.
Without knocking, he kicked the door open and switched on the lights. “She was in bed with a man who jumped out of it when he saw me. He ran out in his boxers after I hit him in the face. I was very angry. So I grabbed her and slapped her a number of times. How could she?”
A struggle ensued between the couple, after Nanuses slapped Nghesheya back.
“I just grabbed a piece of garment from her bed without even knowing it was a piece of underwear and put it around her neck. I was so angry that I’m not even sure I was aware of what I was doing,” he said.
It was his friend, Stephanus Sackaria, who came to Nanuses’ rescue.
“I was in the car dozing when I heard noise coming from the house and a naked man running past the car. After that, I heard a woman screaming from the house and I ran in,” said Sackaria.
At the point, Nanuses’ housemates were awaken, so she ran into the main house, leaving Ngesheya with the g-string in his hand.
When reached for comment, Nanuses claimed she thought Ngesheya had broken up with her before being caught ‘in the act’.
“I honestly thought it was over between us, because we had a huge fight a few days before the incident and he told me it was over, only to suddenly break into my house after midnight. I didn’t switch off my cell phone to avoid him, the battery had died and I was with my new boyfriend the whole time, so I had nothing to worry about,” she said, refusing to reveal the name of her new boyfriend.