EMP to be drawn for solid waste

Waste is a threat to the integrity of an environment, as it can have a negative impact, resulting from environmental threats such as air pollution, illegal dumping of litter, littering, and poor sanitation.
To closely monitor and evaluate the impact, as well as draw a proper protection strategy of solid waste in the environment, an Environmental Management Plan (EMP) is required. Without waste management, the resultant impacts can range from groundwater contamination, health hazards, smell nuisance and environmental degradation.
As such, the Windhoek City Council launched a tender, which closed on 15th November, to develop an EMP for solid waste disposal sites. All waste within Windhoek is managed by the Solid Waste Management division of the City of Windhoek (CoW), which was established in 1998.
The EMP is to be used as a guide to monitor compliance to recommended mitigation measures and assist in managing and monitoring activities of the site operations. It will further clarify the roles and responsibilities of different stakeholders involved at the site.
According to the latest tender bulletin, the consultancy service to develop the EMP has to provide, amongst others, a comprehensive description of the operations on each site; provide a detailed description of the receiving  biophysical, social and economic environment; description and assessment of all potential impacts emanating from the operations of each impact and recommend possible mitigation measures.
The consultant needs to further include a project programme and indicate the methodology used in determining the significance and magnitude of potential impacts.
Therefore, all waste disposable sites within local authorities should be registered and should then develop EMPs to manage environmental impact emanating from these sites.
The sites include the Kupferberg Landfill Site (LS), Pionerspark Satellite LS, Havanna Satellite LS, Eros Satellite LS, Khomasdal Satellite LS, Khomasdal Satellite LS, Ludwigsdorf Satellite LS, Otjomuise Satellite LS, Okuryangava Satellite LS and waste transfer stations at Brakwater, Olympia.  
Some of the bidders in this tender include Namibia Enviro Management and Training Services, Urban Green, Enviro Dynamics.
Two more tenders were simultaneously launched by the Windhoek City Council with regards to developing EMPs for cemeteries and cremation facilities, workshops and filling stations.
The EMPs are also for the cemeteries in Old Location, Gammams, Khomasdal, Katutura, Oponganda, amongst others.
The other tender is for the Windhoek’s water and waste treatment and development facilities in various sites including Gammams Waste Water Treatment Plant, WINGOC Plant, Havana Ponds and Otjomuise ponds.