No more Raphael and Pelle


Ma/gaisa duo, Raphael and Pele are no more.
After 10 years of hit-after-hit, the award winning duo of ‘Xai //na /gomasen’ and ‘/Nama Ma te’ fame have decided to go separate ways due to other professional commitments.
Pele has since released his own solo album titled “#nisa Damara” which means proud damara, while Raphael’s own offering is expected later this year.
The duo was also best known for introducing a kudu dance when they released their second album Xai //na /gomasen.
“We decided to go solo because Raphael is now based in Dordabis as a teacher, which makes it hard for us to record,” said Pele, born Patrick Goamab.
Pele, also a teacher, says his latest release is specifically dedicated to the Okombahe festival, which took place last Friday.
The Sanlam Music Award winners for best Damara Punch 2008 are also known for their energetic songs like Petrus !Ganeb and Xai //na /gomasen.
Their second album Xai //na /gomasen got massive airplay even at international stage and some of the songs were posted on YouTube with them doing their famous Kudu dance.
 “Right now Pele will do his thing while Raphael works on his solo as well. They thought it was best because most people can’t make the distinction between Raphael and Pele these solo albums will clear that up,” Pele’s manager Browny said.
Pele’s new album has already had its first exposure on Damara/Nama NBC radio.
On “#nisa Damara” Pele is exploring other genres other than Malgaisa, as he attempts to bring in some Kizomba and Gospel beats.
Danis ge go sam-he is likely to go viral while other favourites Ama /nama //gaute is a Kizomba song and   Hoana !khub – ai ma //nare is a gospel piece, a little different from what the duo was made of. Email:”