Oshigambo alumni for bridge construction


Oshigambo High School, Alumni Association (OSHA) has,  with the help of Old Mutual, Namibia Breweries Limited, Rosh Pinah Mine and Lund Consulting Engineers, raised N$400 000 to construct  a bridge and improve their sewer reticulation system.
The school, which was established about 50 years ago by Finnish missionaries has been facing financial difficulties and is in urgent need to rehabilitate its ageing infrastructure, including class room blocks.
According to the Association’s Chairman, Dr Elago Elago, the school, which is currently run by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Namibia (ELCIN), is in serious need of financial assistance to rehabilitate its buildings and to construct a bridge to make it easy for the pupils to cross the river that separates the school from the girls’ hostel.
“There used to be a bridge linking the two sides of the school on either side of the river. However, this bridge, which was constructed in 1985 by the former Tsumeb Copper Limited, could not survive the changed weather patterns, which have seen unprecedented floods affecting the northern part of the country.  
“As alumni, we seriously need to look at where we came from and assist the church as the school gets prepared for the next season,” said Elago.
He said since this year, an incident, in which a school learner and a member of the Namibian Defence Force lost their lives after their boat capsized in Oshigambo river, the Association has taken it upon itself to help the church construct a bridge linking the two parts of the school.
Elago noted that before independence, the school survived on money donated by the Finnish.
He added that Government also helps the school particularly when it comes to paying salaries for some teachers.
The school is among the best performing in northern Namibia and is considered by many as a prestigious school.
Elago said the school has contributed to the education of many notable individuals within the private and public sectors who should come forward and join the alumni association so that together they can offer assistance to the school.
Among other notable individuals who have gone through Oshigambo are; former Education Minister, Nangolo Mbumba, Dr Naftali Hamata, Prof. Fillemon Amaambo and Mr Pashuukeni Shoombe.
Elago said the major goal of the association is to create a lifelong relationship between former learners and the school as well as the ELCIN church.
This lifelong relationship will come with the commitment to assist the school with financial and non-financial means.
The association patron is Prime Minister, Nahas Angula who is also an alumnus of the school.
“There are many ways the alumni can offer assistance to Oshigambo such as being involved in programmes to give career guidance to the current learners and help them pursue courses that will contribute to the development of the country,” said Elago.
Despite a large number of students who have gone through, Elago said so far, the association only has about 50 signed up members and he urged all the other alumni to sign up with the association so that they can assist the school.
The alumni have three categories that they can choose to register themselves, namely; the full membership which is reserved for former learners and former teachers; honorary membership which is for people that are strongly connected to Oshigambo high school but were not necessarily learners or teachers.