Hell NO to office romance

I am just going to come right out and say it: People who date their colleagues are risk-takers who need to take it down a notch, on the office romance search.
Some people have dated half the office and are not even ready to stop yet. When things don’t work out, they move on to the next one.
With everything that can go wrong in relationsh*ts, it would be way worse to have to carry your bedroom issues to the office. Dealing with a break-up is worse enough without having to face the person at work. Now imagine having to face an ex at work, every day!
Thinking that you’ve found “the one” at work is cute... well, until you both start fighting in the office kitchen and one of you ends up fired. Most people claim to know how to keep things professional, which is probably true in few cases, but we are human and wherever love is involved, there is bound to be drama.
It could be your boss, your manager, your supervisor, someone you report to or someone who reports to you in your department. In cases where love goes too right or too wrong (if there are expressions like that), then consider the fact that one of you might have to quit or get fired, lest the romance eventually affect your job.
If the relationsh*t doesn’t last long and you both work in the same department, there is a huge possibility one of you might become the other’s superior, which would be pretty weird, if you ask me.
You might be left with the awkwardness of reporting to someone you once saw naked for most of your evenings. Imagine if you are not living up to the expectations at work and then are called into the office by your ex to explain why you are failing.
Things don’t always work out, we know that. And if your partner is crazy, you might end up with a sexual harassment case in your name, with the ‘victim’ accusing you of making sexual advances at them.
Keeping the whole thing between you two can also be hard - sex in the office, touching, kissing, or even holding long gazes during meetings is prohibited. Your colleagues could hold that against you and say it’s the reason for all your promotions and raises, which it might be, but we can’t have our colleagues thinking that, can we?
Think of how you would feel if your former lover started getting flowers from other men or getting too friendly with other women in the office. The horror movie would begin.
So fellows, the desperation for love should end at the door before you step into the office, because office romance is just too dangerous.